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Is your fear of not knowing how to manage your money keeping you broke?
Are you afraid to attract money into your life because you don’t know what to do with it?
Do you need real life skills to help you manage your money and open yourself up to a limitless amount of money?


Imagine being stress free and joyful when taking care of your finances.

Imagine feeling empowered in everything you do concerning money.

Imagine being part of a supportive, like-minded community who courageously face their finances in a non-judgmental and loving environment.

If you don’t know how to manage your money it’s not your fault. You just don’t have the right information and tools to create the abundance that you deserve. Most people don’t.

When our parents were raising us people managed their money in two ways. They had a budget and a savings account. Most people worked for corporations that helped manage their money. Today you have to know how to manage and invest your money. In the olden days, you could put it under your mattress. Today you need to know how to have your money work for you. Credit card debt wasn’t an issue. Today credit cards are a major part of our lives that very often get us into a lot of hot water!!! And we all thought that Real Estate is the safest investment and then…. It all changed.

The financial rules have changed and you may not have learned the skills and tools to keep up with the times.

Meira Findel, a holistic Accountant, is well known for her loving and non-judgmental style and approach to finances. Don’t worry, Meira will never laugh at your shoe box filing system…

To see Meira’s TV interview on Money & Spirituality go to:  www.OneStepAccounting.net

Meira loves 5000 piece puzzles. Accounting is very much like doing a puzzle. When the last piece fits in and the picture is complete there’s a huge sense of accomplishment. When you have all your financial information organized and you can see your complete financial picture it is extremely empowering – you’ll see!!! What a wonderful feeling.

Meira has clients all over the country. Many people worry about their finances, lack of knowledge and attention they have given to this area in their lives. Meira takes a very relaxed, loving and non-judgmental approach to empower everyone to be positive and enthusiastic about creating lots and lots of money.

There is no shame in coming to the holistic accountant with shoeboxes of receipts for 3 or more years of un-filed taxes. Many have done so… You will be welcomed with a hug and a cup of tea…

We will discuss personal finances and the blocks that are holding you back.

You will move into greater understanding of prosperity and become increasingly receptive to abundance.

Learn how to be an Excellent Steward of Your Money.

Here’s what Meira’s clients have said about her:
Meira has a compassionate and savvy approach toward getting to the root of any money problem. She cuts to the heart of the matter and helps you create a positive relationship with money. - Victoria Gallucci, Montclair, NJ

In the two months that I’ve been working with Meira, I have seen a huge, positive shift in my attitude about business and money. Our meetings are short, sweet and FUN, and I am always left with a sense that we have focused on exactly the right issues. In a short period of time, I have made tangible results including a plan to remove my debt, a structure for my weekly workweek, and a firm grasp on how to present myself in the business community. Meira is also a master networker and has introduced me to the important world of networking. Most importantly, due to Meira’s coaching I have consistently raised my income and look forward to achieving great prosperity. Thank you, Meira! – Scott Raposa, Spiritual Music Artist, Montclair, NJ


It’s so important to me that you make peace with your finances and you attain prosperity as joyfully as possible. I am here to help you!!!

Meira Findel
The Holistic Accountant
Website:  www.OneStepAccounting.net
Phone: 973-699-2122
Email: Meira@OneStepAccounting.net